The founder Luis M Junco as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps learned the importance of trust and reputation.  While Marine Security Guard and guarding the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia he began buying and selling gold from overseas.  Upon completion of his tour and getting out with the most honorable honors he started Countrywide Gold Buyers.  Now over 10 years later, he has establish a reputation as one of the most reputable and most trusted Gold Buyers in the United States. We were curious about other companies offering to buy gold jewelry online. Many claim to pay high prices for gold but consumers don't have any way to verify that claim, so we did an experiment:   We sent identical packets of 14K gold charms to six of CGB's competitors.  At the time, they should have yielded around $56 each, yet checks ranged from as little as $10.50 to $41 - for the exact same gold!  We were so shocked, We gave Countrywide Gold Buyers a mission: pay consumers top dollar for their gold, platinum and silver in an honest, transparent environment. That's our goal. Honesty Reputation