HOST A GOLD PARTY Everyone loves a party and now you have a fun way to enjoy an evening with family and friends. Let them leave with some extra spending money, while making money of your own by hosting the event. When you organize your own Gold Party, you EARN a 10% commission on all gold purchased at the party. Host a Fundraiser Have a fundraiser for your local school, church, favorite charity, etc. and 10% of the gold purchased at the fundraiser will be donated directly to your charity. You as host will earn an additional 2% commission. Co-Host a Gold Party If any participant in a Gold Party you have hosted organizes a Gold Party then you are entitled to a $100.00 Co-Hosting Commission. Our experience is that the average Gold Party generates about $5000.00 of gold purchases. Some parties generate $12,000  or more! Large fundraiser events can generate ten times these averages.